Move slow, take them in, see them, really see them.

These times, when they are little are so precious and few.  Each moment that we chose to turn away, to busy ourselves, to busy them we are a missing an opportunity to connect.  Connection is what each one of our hearts craves and desire, and yet somehow in the ultra-connected time we seem to be the most disconnected we have ever been.  They dance-in the day, full of wonder and curiosity, ready to play, to discover, to notice and be noticed.  Meeting them where they are is the one true gift we can give them each day.  To say “I see you”, and your enthusiasm and ideas are valued and important.   Clean, uncluttered, uninterrupted connection.  It gives them their wings; their confidence, their sense of self and worth.  They are worth it.  They are worth your time, your attention, your focus.  They are worth your love.

This article about the topic of love languages, and the second article on the topic, might be great tools for helping you find the best way to connect with your child.




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